Tolling Began on 95 Express Lanes October 15

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Tolling Began on 95 Express Lanes October 15

Tolling Began on 95 Express Lanes October 15

The Florida Department of Transportation began toll collection for the 95 Express Lanes between SR 826/Florida’s Turnpike in Miami-Dade County and I-595 in Broward County on Sunday, October 16 at midnight.


Tolls on 95 Express are collected electronically with SunPass®. Toll-paying users will be charged a dynamic toll to use the express lanes. Dynamic toll amounts are based on the amount of congestion in the express lanes at a given time.


Customers choosing the express lanes must have an active SunPass account with the transponder properly affixed to the windshield. Three-plus carpools and hybrid vehicles may be eligible for an exemption but must be registered with South Florida Commuter Services.


Toll amounts are displayed on large overhead signs before the express lane entrances so drivers can choose to enter the express lanes or stay in the non-tolled general use lanes.


This extension joins the first dynamic tolling segment between SR 836/I-395 and SR 826/Florida’s Turnpike. The extension of 95 Express introduces additional entrances and exits for a total of three dynamic tolling segments.


Toll-paying users should be aware of the following:
• Prior to entering 95 Express, drivers will see an overhead pricing sign displaying the cost to drive to one or more destinations.
• Upon entering 95 Express, your toll is ‘locked in’. You will be charged no more than the amount displayed to your destination. If you exit the express lanes before the furthest destination point your toll will be less than the next furthest destination shown on the pricing sign.
• Pricing signs display the total amount to that destination. Do not add toll amounts to calculate what you will pay.
• An itemized list of your express lane toll charges will be available on your SunPass account statement or by viewing your account activity on


For general information, to view entrance and exit locations or watch a video explaining trip options visit