FDOT District Six Launches First Responders Page

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FDOT District Six Launches First Responders Page

District Six recently launched an incident management website that gives first responders direct access to traffic event information and unrestricted views of the ITS camera feeds.


The idea for the responder’s site came from a Traffic Incident Management (TIM) meeting in where partners requested an unfiltered feed to the District’s cameras, separate from what was being provided to the public. The public feed restricts camera views during live traffic crashes to avoid sharing sensitive images, but in doing so, it also limits responder/s ability to monitor events.


The new site not only provides unrestricted camera views, it also gives detailed information about the traffic events being managed. Incidents are overlaid on a map and are categorized by closed incidents, unresolved incidents, incidents blocking a lanes and incidents with no lane blockage. The page also provides contextual information for each incident such as links to nearby cameras and responder information.


Currently, the responders page is live and is being used by District Six’s Road Rangers, Incident Response Vehicle operators, Rapid Incident Scene Clearance contractors, Miami-Dade Fire Rescue and City of Miami Beach Police. If you are an incident responder, or want additional information about this page, please submit your request here.