District Six ITS Participates in FDOT’s New Employee orientation

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District Six ITS Participates in FDOT’s New Employee orientation

The SunGuide Transportation Management Center (TMC) recently hosted a tour for District’s Six’s newest hires. The tour was part of FDOT’s employee orientation that is held every quarter to acclimate new hires with the Department’s leadership and internal framework.


The two-day event features presentations from executive management and Central Office. Employees are informed about the role each department plays within the agency as well as the process of how it all comes together to achieve the program’s mission. The TMC tour is the event’s last stop and it helps illustrate FDOT’s commitment to advancing mobility far after all other project stages are complete. As part of the stop, employees get to view the control room first-hand and learn about the daily efforts that keep traffic moving in real-time, such as incident management and traveler information. They also learn about the devices that make these services possible and the benefits drivers experience as a result.


The SunGuide TMC tour has been well-received ever since it was added to the event last fiscal year. Guests have shown great interest in the information presented and become especially pleased to know about the traffic services available to them as drivers. The ITS Office will continue to participate in this event as a way of promoting internal education and cross-training principles for the Department.


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