District Six Hosts National Safety Training Sessions

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District Six Hosts National Safety Training Sessions

The Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management Team recently hosted training classes for the county’s first responders. The sessions reviewed the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Second Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP 2) for on-scene traffic event management.


The program sets to establish a set of core competencies that promote a shared understanding for achieving safe conditions for first responders and drivers. The goal is to promote the principles of effective inter-agency communication, quick response and clearance measures at traffic incident scenes.


Training such as these are important since national statistics show an average of five firefighters are struck and killed each year, one police officer is struck and killed each month and one tow truck operator is struck and killed each week. These staggering figures show how dangerous conditions can be for first responders and it is why FDOT remains committed to promoting continuing education efforts like SHRP 2.


The first three sessions were held in January and were attended by representatives from Florida Highway Patrol, Fire Rescue, Emergency Medical Services, FDOT Maintenance and FDOT’s Incident Management personnel. FDOT is planning sessions for Monroe County and other classes that will be held throughout the year as well.