SunGuide TMC Celebrates 10 Years of Traffic Relief!

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SunGuide TMC Celebrates 10 Years of Traffic Relief

SunGuide TMC Celebrates 10 Years of Traffic Relief!

The SunGuide ® Transportation Management Center (TMC) is commemorating its 10-year anniversary this month.


The center opened June 25, 2004 and was inaugurated by former Governor Jeb Bush. At the time, the SunGuide TMC was heralded as a major advancement in the state’s goal to provide meaningful solutions to reduce traffic congestion in southeast Florida. Today, the center houses one of the leading transportation programs in the country and has been visited by industry leaders from all over the world.


The SunGuide TMC was designed with the goal of advancing interagency communication and promoting innovative ways to improve highway travel. As a result, the 32,000 square foot facility serves as the hub for the region’s real-time traffic management services. Traffic operators from FDOT District Six and Miami-Dade Expressway (MDX) Authority manage traffic from within the center through a series of highway devices that include closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras, roadway sensors and electronic message signs. From their workstations, operators can detect highway congestion, dispatch the resources required to clear incidents as well as alert drivers to plan for alternate routes. Aiding with roadway clearance efforts are duty officers from Florida Highway Patrol’s (FHP) Troop ‘E’ who are co-located in the TMC and work alongside the operators toward their common mission of keeping our highways safe and reliable.


The past 10 years have demonstrated the TMC has worked to achieve its regional transportation goals. FDOT District Six launched the state of Florida’s first express lanes and ramp signaling projects; MDX introduced electronic tolling on its highways; and FHP continues to lead major safety efforts such as the Move Over Campaign. The combination of these initiatives has significantly improved travel conditions in our community and is set to form the framework for more improvements to come.


The SunGuide also houses the dispatch centers for Florida Department of Law Enforcement as well as Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. It is open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and is available for public tours. Please click here to request a tour.