Miami-Dade TIM Team Hosts 95 Corridor Meeting

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Miami-Dade TIM Team Hosts 95 Corridor Meeting

The FDOT District Six Incident Management Team hosted a Miami-Dade Traffic Incident Management (TIM) Team – 95 Corridor meeting on February 22, 2024.


The meeting provides a space for agencies who manage the roadways in the eastern part of Miami-Dade County to discuss incident management practices and traffic issues for I-95, 95 Express, I-195/Julia Tuttle Causeway, I-395, and the MacArthur Causeway. It allows stakeholders from various disciplines with the opportunity to share information about major initiatives such as construction projects or special events that may impact corridor operations. The goal is to establish ongoing communications and promote a proactive approach to incident management in the area.


Representatives from the I-395/SR 836/I-95 Project briefed attendees about the latest traffic patterns and construction timeline being developed for the project. District Six staff informed the group about their role in supporting law enforcement during the annual Spring Break season in Miami Beach and the latest developments on the Wrong Way Driving Detection System (WWDS).


The meeting is part of an overall TIM Team meeting schedule focusing on the District Six region. These discussions are created to improve the efficacy of the TIM  Program in District Six. The TIM Team divided Miami-Dade County into east (95 Corridor) and west (Palmetto Corridor) sides to target the traffic issues according to the respective regions and stakeholders. Two annual meetings are hosted in Monroe County for the incident management partners in that area. The goal of these corridor-specific meetings is to discuss incident management items, share lessons learned, and encourage discussion among TIM team members.


For more information about the TIM Meetings, please visit the traffic incident management page on