FDOT Launches New Bridge Notification System on Florida 511

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FDOT Launches New Bridge Notification System on Florida 511

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) added a new traffic alert on the Florida 511 Advanced Traveler Information System (FL511) for the east and west bridges located on SR 934/NE 79 Street in Miami. Road users can subscribe at www.FL511.com to receive email or text message notifications when the drawbridges are open or closed to traffic. In addition, drawbridge notifications are published on the website as well as on the WAZE mobile application for wider use and circulation.


The District Six Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Office implemented this feature to expand upon FDOT’s existing drawbridge alerts to service more users and locations. The NE 79 Street traffic alerts are part of an overall bridge notification system that includes the Brickell Bridge in downtown Miami which launched in 2019. District Six created these alerts in response to the public’s request for bridge activity information in their local communities. The office assessed local stakeholder needs and created a comprehensive system that uses innovative technology for real-time detection and publishing. Drivers are now able to plan their trip and avoid delays associated with drawbridge crossings on local roads.


This new feature is part of FL511 which provides users with traffic alerts for active incidents, road closures, detour routes or other events that may impact their trip. FL511 also provides streaming video from traffic cameras and dynamic message sign information. The system is continually updated with new features to help drivers plan their trip in advance and promote roadway safety.


For more information, please log onto www.FL511.com.