District Six Presents at National Transportation Conference

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District Six Presents at National Transportation Conference

Representatives from the District Six Transportation Systems Management and Operations (TSM&O) Office presented at the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Annual Meeting this year.


TRB is one of the most prestigious organizations in the industry. It gathers some of the most eminent thought leaders from around the globe to discuss the topics that are helping to move the transportation needle forward. The meeting was held virtually to adhere with safety and social distancing guidelines during the pandemic. However, TRB maintained a robust program of workshops and sessions that focused on the 2021 theme: Launching a New Century of Mobility and Quality of Life. The program covered all transportation modes and addressed special interest topics for policy makers and practitioners in the fields of government, academia, research, and operations.  


District Six was invited to present in the managed lanes workshop, titled “Adapting Managed Lanes in the era of Transformational Challenges and Unforeseen Events.” The workshop focused on the design adaptations agencies have taken to accommodate for the operational growth faced by their respective projects. The panel featured speakers from Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) and FDOT. District Six spoke about 95 Express and how it expanded mobility within the existing right of way of Interstate 95 (I-95) using emerging strategies and technologies. The presentation discussed the evolution of 95 Express, from project concept to present day operations. It noted the design adaptations that were used to keep the project within the highway’s existing footprint, the ensuing challenges, and the strategies used to resolve them. The presentation provided the District’s perspective to the national conversation of managed lanes and this may have served to guide other agencies through the changing conditions of their local projects.


The District Six TSM&O Office participates in regional and national transportation conferences throughout the year. The events cover a wide range of topics that provide opportunities for the District to both learn from and educate others on what it is doing to solve complex transportation problems. The District understands the value of learning from industry peers and is committed to supporting events that help to expand the industry. For more information about the 2021 TRB Annual Meeting, click here.