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Incident Management

Traffic Incident Management

The mission of the District Six Traffic Incident Management (TIM) is to develop recommendations that provide safe and efficient multi-agency responses to traffic incidents that affect our regional transportation system.

There are two TIM Teams in District Six: the Miami-Dade County TIM Team and the Monroe County TIM Team. The District Six TIM Teams perform a variety of functions that are helping to improve response efforts within the regional incident management community.

The TIM Teams coordinate outreach and Post Incident Analysis (PIA) meetings with partner agencies to increase program awareness and identify procedures for improvement. They also conduct trainings to improve the quality of services provided to the public. They meet on a regular basis partner agencies to promote a more unified approach to incident management in our highways.

These agencies include:

• Law Enforcement
• Fire and Rescue
• Emergency Management
• Towing and Recovery Services
• Emergency Medical Services
• Hazardous Materials Contractors
• Transportation
• Traffic Information Media / Local Media
• Community Traffic Safety Teams
• Maintenance and Asset Management

To enhance outreach efforts between District Six and its partners, the team produces The TIM Quarterly Review and is distributed every three months.



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March 17, 2016 — Home:

I have a commendation. A couple of months ago I got a flat tire on the HOV ramp heading South to Miami. Worst timing ever! I had my wife and 16-month old in the car and it started to rain. I called Lexus roadside to help since I had a baby in the car. I began to unload the car when #633 "Carlos" arrived. I could not believe how quick he arrived. He said they saw me on the cameras and sent him to help. Before I knew it, I was back on the road. Carlos would not take a tip, he was extremely friendly and helpful. Please give him a raise!! I am very grateful for him and the Road Rangers! - M. Forsythe, Miami, 2/5/2016